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"I board two horses at this beautiful farm. I can't believe the care they get, its awesome! Stacy's care surpassed all my expectations. We have developed a wonderful friendship that I never expected. She cares for my horses like they are her own and I would recommend her to anyone"



"My horse lives his best life at Elmcroft Farm. The paddocks are spacious and full of luscious grass. Stacey does a great job maintaining the facility and the grounds, even in the tough New England weather. I love the freedom my horse gets while also getting expert care. My horse is happier, healthier, and more comfortable since moving to Elmcroft Farm. Stacey always goes above and beyond for my horse and the property"



"Elmcroft Farm is a great place for your horses! Beautiful pastures with lots of room to run and kick up their heels! Tons of TLC! Stacey cares for every horse as if its her own. Perfect life for my retired horses!"

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"I have been visiting Elmcroft Farm for years with my youngest daughter, Katie, who has special needs. I have known Stacey Polizotti all of my life.  Stacey's dedication, compassion and beautiful facilities are what make Elmcroft Farm a top notch facility. Staceys love for animals knows no bounds. Stacey has even been selected, by multiple local veterinarians, as foster home for animals in need of rehab and extra care. Every visit to the farm is an amazing experience. My daughter Katie, has flourished, riding,  helping out in the stables and feeding/grooming all of the animals with Staceys guidance. The stables and arenas are always in excellent condition no matter what season it is. Stacey and Elmcroft Farm have enriched our lives, the lives of the horses and the lives of others who visit and/or board horses there"

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